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  • Africa Evangelical Church (AEC)

    God First
  • Let us fight the good fight of faith by His Spirit

    AEC - 'God First'
  • Africa Evangelical Church (AEC)

    AEC - God First
  • We are looking to the Lord to use us

    AEC - God First
  • Let us engage His Spirit in our Worship, Praise, Prayer

    AEC - God First

'Bible is our ultimate source of authority and its truth is essential for transformation of lives.

(2 Timothy 3:16-17) 

We value HOLINESS and that full devotion to Christ and relational health are to be norms of every believer.

Revd Mntambo :  AEC President

Word from the President

Our anticipation and desire in 2021, is still centered around spiritual formation and longing for the full character of Christ in our lives.  The word that we would like to activate in our lives is heartily. Other words that are in common use are, energetically, enthusiastically, emphatically, wholeheartedly, vigorously or with gusto – as to the Lord and not to men!

We were tested and are still tested in all angles. We have His promises and leading. We are still dealing with Covid-19 in all our global communities. We all lost our loved ones, and some are still not well and others recovered. Life continues regardless. Babies are still being born, people still get married, some go to school, some start massive projects, some build new homes, yes businesses close down and some merge, some decide to repackage the same product afresh.

We should understand why the debate about Faith and Works has existed for many years. It is the doer of the WORD who grows in the faith. Faith without works is indeed dead. Those who do the word touch other people’s lives through what they do wholeheartedly. At work, at school, in the community, in leadership role, in mentoring, in the kitchen, serving counter, in queues of our time, in masking or sanitizing, in social distancing and yet helping the helpless. In whatever we do should be done as to the Lord himself. 

Paul addressed these people because they were unique in their character. They were in Christ – the preeminent Lord over all creation, redeemed, reconciled back to God. These are people who share in Christ’s death and resurrection. They share in his power and authority over the powers of darkness. They are called to grow in spiritual maturity by getting rid of sinful practices and developing Christian virtues. They are then called to wholeheartedly engage in active faith in whatever they do, to do it as to the Lord, and not to men. Only those who meet these requirements find joy in service.  In order to be successful and pleasing to the Lord, the SELF must die. May our focus be the Lord in whatever we do in 2021!


It is gratifying that our lives are occupied by doing. Life is active and what gives us character is seen through things we do. The Colossian brethren were admonished that whatever their activity was, it was to have the wholeheartedness in whatever they did. This is an ideal motto for all Christians to be mindful that whatever they do they should do it heartily and do it as to the Lord and not to men that we think we are serving. We are stretched to perfection. Our service to humanity must be governed by the fact that we are serving the Lord. 


Africa Evangelical Church is happy to be a member of the global community. We hope that this website will bring some relief to many who were frustrated over the years with our website. We pray that this will not be a place of fake news, negative expressions, undermining etc all the uncalled-for things that are happening in the world. This should be a place of meditating and thanking God for life of endurance that God has given the Africa Evangelical Church. To upgrade is an expensive activity. More so demanding to do it heartily as to the Lord. What excites me today, tomorrow might be obsolete. Life will be challenging demanding that we daily press on.

When the road seems hazy, let us fix our eyes on Him who gave His all for us. 2021 is daily unfolding with many new challenges. The comfort we have is that we are not alone.

We thank you all for your prayer, support, encouragement and innovations.

We daily move towards the future by faith. But our pulse is doing whatever we are doing heartily as to the Lord. 


AEC 2021 Year Verse

  • And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.
    English - NKJV
    Colossians 3:23
  • Konke enikwenzayo kwenzeni ngenhliziyo, kungathi nikwenzela iNkosi, hhayi abantu.
    Kholose 3:23
  • Konkhe lenikwentako, kwenteni ngenhlitiyo, kube sengatsi nentela iNkhosi, hhayi bantfu.
    Kolose 3:23
  • Nayiphi na into eniyenzayo yenzeni ngomxhelo ngokungathi niyenzela iNkosi, aniyenzeli bantu.
    Kolose 3:23
  • Koke enikwenzako, kwenzeni ngenhliziyo epheleleko kube ngathi nikwenzela iKosi ingasi abantu.
    Kolose 3:23
  • Mme seo le se etsang, leha e ka ba eng le eng, le se etse ka pelo e ratang joalo ka hoja le etsetsa Morena, e seng batho;
    Bakolose 3:23
  • Le fa e le eng se lo se dirang, se direng ka pelo yotlhe, jaaka e le go direla Morena, e seng batho,
    Bakolose 3:23
  • Ka moka tše le di dirago, le di dire ka pelo e ratago, eke le direla Modimo, e sego batho.
    Bakolose 3:23
  • Kutani leswi mi swi endlaka, hambi yi ri yini na yini, swi endleni hi timbilu ni ku rhandza, mi endlela Hosi, va nga ri vanhu.
    Vakalosa 3:23
  • Na tshini tshine na it ani shume nga mbilu yothe, ni nge ni itela Mune washu hu si vhathu.
    Vakalosa 3:23
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"Whatever you do, do it heartily as to the Lord, and not to men." Colossians 3:23.

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